Frequently Asked Questions - Printing Services - St. Cloud State University

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are in the basement of Brown Hall. The stairs leading to our shop are located near the Northeast entrance.

Can you help me design my project?

Yes, we can. We have a fulltime graphic designer who can take your information and ideas, then design your project to your specifications.

What do you need to print my project from a computer file?

We need the computer file that it was designed in. A PDF file if possible when your project is full color. These files can be emailed to or brought in on a jump drive. Please put the number from your Printing Services Request Form in the subject line of your email. We also need a completed Printing Services Request Form and a print out or “mock up” of your project. This is important because it helps us see what you were looking at on your computer screen and can avoid costly errors. Your mock up does not have to be in color or the actual size. We are watching to make sure that when we open the file that it did not change any of the fonts or re-flow any of the text. Your project will not be started until we receive the Printing Services Request Form so it is important that they arrive about the same time as the files.

Do I need a Printing Request Form when using the business card work sheet?

Yes, you need both the Printing Request Form and the business card work sheet. The Printing Request Form gives us permission to bill your department for your project and it is what our staff uses to keep track of all the supplies that were used.

How many projects can I send on one Printing Request Form?

If you are sending classroom materials to be copied we prefer that you send up to 6 different projects on the same form. Feel free to add Post-it notes with special instructions if needed. The same is true when ordering letterhead and envelopes. If you are sending multiple jobs that will either be run 4 color or on the press it is best to send them separate, on their own request form.

Do you want me to put multiple images per sheet when I design my project?

No. We have imposing software that will calculate that for you so that we get the most images per sheet. We will run your project on the largest sheet possible to save you money. This software also adds the cut marks that are needed in bindery.

Do you sell copy paper?

Yes, we do. Just write what you need on a Printing Request Form. All of our white copy paper is stored in the facilities management warehouse. We will bill you and then pass those orders along to them to be filled. If you are waiting for white paper please call the loading dock at 308-4713 and give them your Printing Services Request Form number. Please allow them 5-7 days for delivery. They will let you know when you can expect delivery. All other colors are filled and delivered by the print shop staff.

Do you sell pre-printed forms and envelopes like Employee Leave Slips and Printing Request Forms?

Yes, we do and much more. We have a complete list with pictures and prices.

How do I find out how much I was billed for my finished project?

You need to look at your month end budget balance reports.
  • Look for the report id: AC0531CP report from ISRS.
  • Under object code 1411 it will list all of the jobs that were billed back to your cost center during the last month.
  • Under Vendor Name will be listed a number.
  • That number is the same number that was on the Printing Request Form that you submitted.
  • The price that was billed is in the far right column.

It is important that you keep the pink copy of your printing request form for easy reference. If you ever need to call the shop with questions about your project have this number so we can easily track your project in the shop. We try to bill out every project by the end of the month so please be patient if it doesn’t show up on your report right away.

When should I use the Minnesota State logo?

The Minnesota State logo should be used on every printed piece.
You should also consider using the ADA and Equal Opportunity statements when appropriate.

Where can I download logos?

Do not take any logos from a website unless it is a downloadable high resolution logo. Most things on the web are low quality and less that 100 DPI to save space. It will look fine on the screen but will be of poor quality when printed. We recommend that any logo you use have at least 300 DPI for high quality printing.The link to the Minnesota State logo and other approved university logos are on our website.

If I want bleeds, how much larger should I design my project?

You typically want to add 1/8 of an inch to all 4 sides of your document. (0.125 inches) For example and 8.5 x 11 sheet with full bleeds would need to be designed at 8.75 x 11.25.

If I design a brochure with bleeds that also folds how should I divide the panels for proper folding?

If your front panel bleeds you will want to add 1/8 of an inch to all 4 sides of your document. (0.125 inches). For example an 8.5 x 11 sheet with full bleeds that is tri folded would need to be designed at 8.75 x 11.25. You will also want to add 0.0625 of bleed to the front panel on the fold line. You do not want to design the panels in exact thirds. The front panel with bleeds needs to be slightly larger so that nothing from the back panel is showing on the front. The same concept applies whenever some panels bleed and others do not.

For more information and diagrams look at page 9 of our printing services website under downloads or you can download an indesign template that may work for you.

Can Printing Services mail merge my data base to print names and addresses on my project?

Yes we can. Just send us your excel file with your print job and we will merge the data onto the finish piece while it is being printed.