Intervention for College Attendance Program (ICAP)

St. Cloud State University is a recipient of funding from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education's
Intervention for College Attendance Program (ICAP).

SCSU's ICAP project, Promoting Academic Success Among Underrepresented Students, targets African-American students in the St. Cloud Area School District 742 in grades 6th through 12th with risk factors for poor academic achievement. Sixty students are to be served.

Program objectives include:

  1. Improve the group's rate of success on the state standardized test, the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments, in the areas of reading and mathematics.
  2. Improve the grades of participants. 
  3. Increase student interest and awareness of higher education options. 
  4. Improve the graduation rate for African American students.  
  5. Increase the number of students attending postsecondary institutions. 

Program delivery methods involve:
Intensive mentoring, academic tutoring, academic enrichment activities, cultural programming; college admissions and financial assistance workshops and seminars; and summer residential programs.


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