Internship Application Procedures

Students interested in obtaining an internship for credit through the Political Science Department should follow the procedures below.

  1. Plan ahead. See your academic advisor or the departmental internship director as soon as possible to discuss whether you can take an internship given your academic and professional goals.
  2. Download an Internship Application Form (PDF). These are also available to pick up from the main Department office.
  3. Read over the Guide to Internships and complete the Internship Application Form if you remain interested in interning. Double check for any course pre-requisites. Public Administration majors in particular will have substantial course pre-requisites.
  4. Application Deadlines. If you are planning to intern, you must turn in the fully completed Internship Application Form to the internship director by August 15 for the fall semester; November 15 for the spring semester; and April 15 for summer semester. If you wish to intern in Washington, D.C. or in an international location, you should turn in your form well before those dates if possible so that proper arrangements can be made. 
  5. Once your application is completed and submitted to the internship director, you will be asked to make an appointment with the director to discuss placement. This position rotates through the department, so the director may be someone different from your academic advisor.
  6. Once you have met with the department internship director, you will begin to the search for an internship placement. You should prepare a resume; finding an internship site is very similar to finding a permanent job, and you will need a resume for your eventual job search.
    1. Either you or the internship director may make contacts for placement.
    2. The student may interview with one or more sponsoring agencies or offices. You should treat this as a job interview.
    3. The actual decision to make an internship offer comes from the sponsoring agency. You may accept or decline the offer. You should be aware that an unlimited number of offers is unrealistic. The internship director must approve the student’s final placement.
    4. Placement cumulates in the development of an Internship Learning Agreement (PDF)You cannot earn OR be granted credit for an internship unless an Internship Agreement is in place and fully executed. 
  7. In order to sign up for course credit, you must obtain, fill out, and file an Approval Form-Individual Study (Internship). You can obtain this form from the internship director. Except in highly unusual circumstances, registration must be completed before the beginning of the semester in which the internship takes place.
  8. Complete a pre-internship orientation.
  9. Complete a post-internship de-briefing.
  10. Submit your internship paper and one-page evaluation to the internship director by the established deadline.

Summary of Internship Requirements


  1. Advanced standing (60 credit minimum)
  2. Completion of relevant coursework or election of supplemental reading alternative
  3. Complete and approved Internship Application Form (PDF)
  4. Placement
  5. Complete and fully executed Learning Agreement (PDF)
  6. Pre-Internship orientation meeting
  7. Fill out and file Approval Form-Individual Study (internship)
  8. Register for internship after receiving email from Records and Registration stating the course i.d.

During Internship

  1. Satisfying job performance
  2. Fulfillment of required time commitment (112 hours for 3 credits; 224 hours for 6 credits; 336 hours for 9 credits)
  3. Fulfillment of Learning Agreement
  4. Completion of Supplemental Reading and related assignments, if required
  5. Continuing contact with and/or meetings with Department’s internship director, as necessary or required

After Internship

  1. Submission of satisfactory internship paper by the deadline
  2. Submission of satisfactory internship evaluation by the deadline
  3. Post-Internship debriefing meeting
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