Our department is excited to be a member of SCSU's new School of Public Affairs. This new unit promises previously unavailable opportunities for us to collaborate with our colleagues in 3 closely related departments: Criminal Justice, Economics, and Geography and Planning.

The Political Science Department currently offers two undergraduate degree programs. The BA in Political Science is our general degree program covering the 4 major fields of political science in the United States:  American Government, Comparative Government, International Relations, and Political Theory. Our BA in International Relations prepares students in the scientific study of the political practices, institutions, and emerging norms of the international system. Both programs are designed to prepare students for further study in the discipline as well as with practical training for a wide range of career choices.

The department continues to offer courses in the field of Public Administration. However, with the reorganization of SCSU and the creation of the school of Public Affairs, our goal is to transform our previous undergraduate program into an accredited Masters of Public Administration (MPA) degree program. This program will provide students with more advanced training for careers in public service.

If you would like to learn more about any of our programs, or political science in general, then please stop by and visit.

Jason Lindsey


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