BA Public Administration

Public Administration

As you might have already heard or read, the University is cutting smaller-sized programs (degree majors adn minors) across campus to eventually save money. Unfortunately, one of those programs is our Public Administration major and minor. We have not admitted new majors or minors for some time now and soon those we had admitted will complete their programs of study.


Although we will miss teaching our public administration undergraduate majors, the department is moving forward with lightning speed to set up a graduate program in public administration. That was the trade-off; an undergraduate program for a graduate program. At this point, the program will be Master of Public Administration (MPA) and a cooperative venture wit6h the Economics Department. We anticipate the program to adhere to nationally accepted standards for these sorts of program and will consist of a core set of courses and elective or concentration options in general management, local government management, nonprofit organizational management, long term care facility management, international or development management, financial management and human resource management.


We are also pleased to tell you the health care administration subprogram of the BPA will remain. The courses, plus a new one or two, will remain available and allow students to take the courses and seek to take the license examination to management a long term care facility.


If you have any questions, please contact the department.


Gainful Employment
Certain undergraduate and graduate certificates at St. Cloud State University prepare students for employment in specific fields and do not result in a degree. Federal law requires publication of data associated with those programs of study, including approximate program costs, program length, and employment statistics. The Minnesota State Colleges and University's (MnSCU) Chancellor's office has provided these reports containing the aforementioned information for all required programs.

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