BA International Relations

What is the BA in International Relations?

The BA program in international relations is methodologically grounded in the discipline of political science. While political science is a broad study of governments, policies and processes, governing systems and political behavior, the international relations major offers studentĀ  an opportunity to focus on the policies and processes, governing systems, and political behavior of actors in the international system.

The program examines the interaction of state and non-state actors in the international system and how these interactions impact each other in areas concerning international security, conflict, conflict resolution, post-conflict reconstruction, governance, environmental sustainability, and political economy.

The minor offers students a more limited opportunity to pursue these endeavors while majoring in other academic disciplines.

Program Mission

The Bachelor of Arts Program in International Relations is committed to excellence in teaching of undergraduate students in the foundational principles of political science and research practices in a discipline specialty so graduates will be able to pursue further study of political science or international relations or to successfully pursue career choices in international relations. 

Admission Information

InĀ  order to be admitted to the international relations major, a student must already have completed POL 101, POL 105 and POL 251 with a "C-" or better in each course. The student must also submit a transcript or course summary. See the Department of Political Science for instructions on the application process. The department strongly advises that the student enroll in the major no later than the first semester of the junior year. The department expects transfer students to make application as soon as is possible, after admission to the university. After the student acquires a specified number of credits, the university prohibits advanced registration without admission to a major. Lower division courses are offered each semester. Required upper division courses are offered annually. Elective courses are offered only in alternate years. The University required Upper Division Writing Requirement is met in the senior project course (POL 420). The requirement is met by completing a portfolio of work, a single written paper or through multiple papers with a grade of C-.

A student may apply to the Political Science chairperson to pursue the International Relations honors program. Upon successful completion of this process, a notation of departmental honors will appear on the student's transcript at graduation. See the political science program description for honors requirements.

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