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Welcome to the St. Cloud State University Policy Page.  This site is intended to provide access to policies and procedures that govern the St. Cloud State University community and tools to update our policy infrastructure.  We hope you find it helpful.  If you have questions please send them to

I. University Policy

University policies are written statements that translate the university’s mission, values and obligations into daily actions by making explicit to the university community the behaviors for which its members will be held to account. 
Who has authority to adopt university policies?

  • The President of the University has authority delegated by the MnSCU Board of Trustees to adopt university policies. 

Why do we have university policies?

Policies are to:

  • provide a framework for institutional integrity,
  • comply with federal, state, and local laws ,
  • comply with MnSCU policies and procedures,
  • adhere to accreditation requirements,
  • promote consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness,
  • manage institutional risk.

When is a university policy appropriate?

Policy is appropriate when it:

  • supports the University’s mission and strategic positioning goals,
  • has an institution-wide application,
  • impacts a substantial number of the University population.

How can policies be changed?
New policies may be proposed and revisions to existing policies will be made following this process (also shown on the Policy Process Flow Chart):

  • Policy author obtains a President’s Council sponsor
  • President’s Council sponsor presents a draft or concept to the President’s Council where the matter may be stopped; revisions may be requested or accepted. 
  • At any stage in this process consultations may occur with topic experts, stakeholders, collective bargaining units, legal counsel or others.  A revised policy proposal will return to the President’s council for further consideration.
  • An accepted proposal will be published on the policy website and identified as ‘pending’ and comment will be accepted. 
  • This public vetting will continue as long as specified by the President’s Council which will review all comments and either stop the proposal, revise it or approve it. 
  • New policies and revised policies will be announced to the university community and posted to the Policy website.
  • Technical or non-substantive changes can be made by the Special Advisor to the President all others will follow the same steps used to adopt a policy. 

II. University Procedure

University procedures are written statements of specific processes to implement University policy, MnSCU policy, state or federal law, or contractual obligations.  Procedures bridge the gap between policy and practice.

Who has authority to adopt university procedures?

  • The President has the authority to adopt university procedures.
  • The President may directly delegate authority to develop, adopt, and implement procedures.

Why do we have university procedures?

  • To provide explicit direction, instructions or guidance regarding implementation of a policy,
  • To provide consistency in the implementation of policies, and
  • To clarify lines of responsibility and authority.

When is a university procedure appropriate?

  • When multiple entities or individuals will implement a policy
  • When Instruction and guidance is necessary for consistent implementation across units

When is a university procedure not appropriate?

  • When a university policy or procedure prohibits certain actions no procedure is necessary.
  • When a university procedure delegates responsibility for implementation, or
  • different implementation steps for different units are acceptable.

How can procedures be changed? 

Technical or non-substantive changes can be made by the administrative unit designated to administer the procedures or implement the policy.  New procedures and revisions to procedure may be proposed by the administrative unit charged with administering or implementing the policy or procedure.  The language will be reviewed by the Special Advisor to the President.   

Units within the university may adopt policies and procedures, consistent with university policies and procedures, as appropriate to their responsibilities.