Welcome to the swampMath-Science Computer Camp

Camp Activities

This program emphasizes the study and exploration of science, mathematics and computer technology from a discovery perspective. Students engage in problem-solving and research-oriented activities designed to improve their knowledge of science, the environment and culture. There is a major focus on the biological and environmental sciences with many activities taking place on farms and other outdoor, natural environments. Examples of these activities are provided. Science activities.

Math classes emphasize problem solving, creative thinking and application of math concepts to everyday life. Examples of these approaches are available. Math activities. Computer applications involve word processing, spreadsheet usage, database creation and management, e-mail, internet access, graphics and digital imaging. Other science activities involve astronomy (planetarium show) and physics demonstrations.

Group of Students at SCSU Horse at Peck's farm Computer lab

Other Activities
Participants engage in recreational activities, go on field trips to places of scientific interest, play games and socialize with other students from Minnesota and across the country.