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Recent Publications by the Faculty and Students in Physics

Research in Physics program has resulted in the following talks and papers in recent years (Students' names are boldfaced, faculty are in italics).

  • T. Blount and K. Haglin, "Relativistic Kinetic Theory and High-Energy Nuclear Reactions," Minnesota Area Association of Physics Teachers meeting (1999)
  • M. Braunstein, M. Womack, F. Deglman , D. Pinnick, R. Comstock, P. Hoffman, G. Aaker, D. Faith, S. Moore, J. Ricotta, M. Goldschen, A. Wiest, C. Modi, A. Jocobson, and J. Zilka, "A CCD Image Archive of Comet C/1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp): Dust Expansion Velocities," Earth, Moon, and Planets, 78, 219-227 (1999).
  • M. Braunstein, M. Womack, F. Deglman , D. Pinnick, D. Faith, C. Modi, S. Moore, J. Ricotta, A. Wiest, O. Ben-Bassat, and J. Ruiz, "CCD Image Archive of Comet C/1995 O1) Hale-Bopp," First International Meeting of Comet Hale-Bopp, Tenerife, 69 (1998)
  • R.T. Brundage and C.S. Reyerson, "Homogeneous Linewidth of the 5D(0)–7F(0) Transition of Trivalent Europium in a Fluorophosphate Glass," Physical Review B 53, 8821-8824 (1996).
  • F. Deglman, M. Womack , M. Braunstein, D.A. Pinnick, G. Aaker, M. Goldschen , J. Zilka, B. Henning(*), R. Comstock, P. Hoffman, D. Faith, S. Moore, J. Ricotta, A. Wiest, and C. Modi, "An Optical Archive of Comet Hale-Bopp: Dust Expansion Velocities and the Evolution of Coma Morphology," B.A.A.S., 30, 2910 (1998).
  • K. Haglin, ``Charmonium Dissociation in Hadronic Matter'', Phys. Rev. C, 61, 031902R (2000).
  • K. Haglin and C. Gale, ``Modeling J/Psi Properties at Finite Temperature'', nucl-th/0002029, Hirschegg 2000, 226 (2000).
  • K. Haglin and C. Gale, ``Hadronic Interactions of the J/Psi'', nucl-th/0010017, submitted to Phys. Rev. C.
  • A. Homich, M. Womack, and W.T. Uhl, "Correlations between CO and HCN Production Rates and Absolute Visual Magnitudes in Comet Hale-Bopp," B.A.A.S., 30, 3108 (1998).
  • L.J. Levendowski, W.J. Odenthal , and Richard. T. Brundage, "Homogeneous Linewidths of Rare-Earth Ions in a Fluorophosphate Glass," at the American Physical Society March meeting, Kansas City (1997).
  • J. Murray, W. Bauer and K. Haglin,``Reexamining Lepton Pairs at Ultrarelativistic Energies'', Phys. Rev. C 60, 017901 (1999).
  • J. Murray, W. Bauer and K. Haglin, ``Low Mass Dileptons at 200 GeV/Nucleon'', Phys. Rev. C 57 882 (1998).
  • S. Pratt and K. Haglin, ``Hadronic Phase Space Density and Chiral Symmetry Restoration in Relativistic Heavy ion Collisions'', Phys. Rev. C 59, 3304 (1999).
  • C.S. Reyerson and R. T. Brundage , "Fluorescence Properties of Europium and Curium in Fluorophosphate Glass" at the Annual Meeting of the Optical Society of America in Portland, OR (1995).
  • W. Smith and K. Haglin, ``Collision Broadening of the Phi Meson in Baryon Rich Hadronic Matter'', Phys. Rev. C 57, 1449 (1998).
  • M. Spinar, M. Womack, and M. Goldschen , "HCN and CO Emission in Comet C/1996 Q1 (Tabur)," B.A.A.S., 30, 4010 (1998).
  • H. Tran, "Spatial Heterodyne Spectroscopy for Mesospheric OH," Minnesota Academy of Sciences Meeting, (1996).
  • A. Volya, K. Haglin, S. Pratt and V. Dmitriev, ``Exploring the Nuclear Pion Dispersion Relation Through the Anomalous Coupling of Photon to Photon and Neutral Pion'', J. Phys. G25 2049 (1999).
  • M. Womack, M.C. Festou, , S.A. Stern, and A. Homich, "Maps of HCO+ Emission in C/1995 )1 (Hale-Bopp)," Earth, Moon, and Planets, 77, 259-264 (1999).
  • M. Womack and A. Homich, "Comparison of Long-term Activity of Comet Hale-Bopp at Visible and Millimeter Wavelengths," B.A.A.S., 31, 1709 (1999).
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