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Pre-Engineering Program

This page is to be used by students who plan to transfer to another university to complete a degree. If you are planning to transfer to the University of Minnesota, you might be interested in the course catalog for the University of Minnesota's Institute of Technology.

WARNING: If you plan to major in Electrical Engineering or Manufacturing Engineering at SCSU, DO NOT use this page. Instead, you should obtain a list of required courses from the department that you are interested in.


Physics Advisors
It is strongly recommended that the Pre-Engineering student meet periodically with their advisor.

Technical Course Requirements

The following core of math and science courses is common to all engineering majors.

Mathematics MATH 221, 222, 325 12 Credits
Physics PHYS 234, 235 10 Credits
Chemistry CHEM 210 4 Credits

Beyond these, specific engineering majors require other introductory courses that can be taken at SCSU. Those shown below are required by the engineering schools at the University of Minnesota. If you plan to transfer elsewhere, you should consult the department at that school for their specific requirements.

Aerospace: ECE 201; ENGR 241, 341; *CSCI
Chemical: CHEM 211, 270, 271; BIOL 151 or 152
Civil: ENGR 241; ENGR 334 or 341; EAS 109 or 220; STAT 353; *CSCI
Electrical: ECE 201; PHYS 328; *CSCI
Geological: ENGR 241; EAS 109 or 220; STAT 353
Mechanical: ENGR 241, 341; *CSCI
Agricultural: ECE 201; ENGR 241, 334, 341; *CSCI; STAT 353
  *CSCI means some Computer Science is required but its equivalent is not known. Consult the department.

General Education Requirements

There is some variation in the general education requirements from one school to another. Generally speaking you will need 30 to 40 credits of course work in the areas of English composition, the humanities, social sciences, etc. To determine what courses could be taken at SCSU that will be accepted for credit at the school you are considering, you should contact the engineering college or department at that school.

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