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Annette Lee, Planetarium Director and Professor of Astronomy and Physics



ASTRONOMY PUBLIC NIGHT. Keep an eye on this page for the dates and times for Spring 2012!


JAS Chronos


Show up ten minutes before the show and check in at the reservation area in front
of the planetarium (basement level of the building, Room 24).

Somnang on Console

Somnang is bringing up the constellation


The SCSU Planetarium opens it's doors to the general public throughout the year. It holds 60 people inside the planetarium. Reservations are required for inside the planetarium, but not needed for the telescope viewing.

To set up your reservation we need the following Information: Show date, time and theme of show requested, Name of Contact Person, Phone No. or Email Address of Contact Person, How many people (maximum of 5).

Reservations can be made one of two ways, either by sending an email by clicking, or calling the Physics and Astronomy office at 320-308-2011 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

A confirmation of your reservation will be emailed to you if you have contacted us by email. If you contacted us by phone we would confirm your reservation by phone. If you leave a message on our voice mail, please speak slowly and clearly, and spell your name, make sure you give us all the information requested above so we can call you back to confirm your reservation. If you do NOT hear from us, please contact us to make sure we received your information correctly.



  • If you need to cancel or there is a change in your group size (smaller), please let us know as soon as possible. (We have waiting lists of people hoping to get into the show.)
  • Show up ten minutes before the show begins to check in at the Reservation Table in front of the planetarium.
  • Once the show starts the doors need to remain closed until the end of the show, so if you are late for the show you will need to wait for the next available show time and hope there is room.
  • If your groups size changes, please let us know since seating is limited due to fire code regulations.




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