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Gary Bohannan

Gary Bohannan

Adjunct Professor of Physics

B.S. (Physics) 1971, Washington State University-Pullman; M.S. (E.E.) 1977, Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey, CA; Ph.D. (Physics) 2000, Montana State University-Bozeman.

Specialty: Electronic Materials, Fractional Order Dynamics
Email: gwbohannan
Office: Wick Science Building 313
Telephone: (320) 308-3718

John Liu



Zengqiang "John" Liu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Physics
B.S. 2000, Nankai University, P.R. China; Ph.D. 2007, University of Minnesota

Specialty:  Structures and phase transitions of smectic liquid crystals
Email: zliu
Office:  Wick Science Building 308
Telephone:  (320) 308-3154

Kevin Haglin



Kevin Haglin, Ph.D.

Professor of Physics; Chairperson
B.A. 1985, Hamline University; Ph.D. 1990, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Specialty:  Electromagnetic probes, heavy flavor, heavy ion collisions, nuclear (hadronic) matter, nuclear theory, quark gluon plasma
Email:  klhaglin
Office:  Wick Science Building 310
Telephone:  (320) 308-2012

Elisha Polomski

Elisha Polomski

Assistant Professor of Physics
B.A. Astronomy, 1988, Wellesley College; PhD Astronomy, 2000, University of Florida

Specialty: Infrared Astronomy of dying stars and star formation regions
Email: efpolomski
Office: Wick Science Building 311
Telephone: (320) 308-2774

John Harlander




John Harlander, Ph.D.

Professor of Physics
B.A. 1982, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire; M.S. 1986, Ph.D. 1991, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Specialty:  Instrumental spectroscopy, optical design 
Email: jmharlander
Office:  Wick Science Building 315
Telephone:  (320) 308-4974

Steve Ratliff


Steven T. Ratliff, Ph.D.

Professor of Physics
B.S. 1975, M.S. 1977, Ph.D. 1982, UCLA

Speciality: Medical Physics
Email: stratliff
Office: Wick Science Building 316
Telephone: (320) 308-3274

Sneh Kalia


Sneh Kalia, Ph.D.

Professor of Physics
B.Sc. 1970, M.Sc. 1972, Dehli University (India); Ph.D. 1984, Lucknow University (India)

Specialty:  Theoretical physics
Email:  skalia
Office:  Wick Science Building 317
Telephone:  (320) 308-4285

John Sinko


John Sinko

Assistant Professor of Physics
B.S. Mathematics/Chemistry – Furman University, M.S. University of Alabama- Huntsville, Ph.D. University of Alabama - Huntsville

Speciality: Optics
Email: jesinko
Office: Wick Science Building 309
Telephone: (320) 308-4183

Annette Lee


Annette Lee, M.A. Physics/Astrophysics, M.F.A. Painting.

Associate Professor of Physics
B.S. 1992 University of California-Berkeley; B.A. 1998 University Illinois-Urbana; M.F.A. 2000 Yale University; MS 2008 Washington University-St. Louis

Specialty:  Extrasolar Planets, Native American Star Knowledge, Science/Math Education
Email:  aslee
Office:  Wick Science Building 314
Telephone:  (320) 308-2013

Todd Vaccaro


Todd Vaccaro

Assistant Professor of Physics
B.S. Physics/Astronomy, 1991, Vanderbilt University; M.S. Astronomy, 1995, San Diego State University; Ph.D. Astronomy, 2001, University of Florida

Speciality: Astronomy
Email: trvaccaro
Office: Wick Science Building 312
Telephone: (320) 308-3145

Russ Lidberg


Russ Lidberg, M.S.

Assistant Professor of Physics

B.S. 1988, University of Nebraska-Omaha; B.S. 2001, University of Wisconsin-Platteville; M.S. 1995 in University of Nevada-Las Vegas; ABD, 2011, University of Minnesota- Twin Cities

Specialty:  Optical spectroscopy
Email:  rllidberg
Office:  Wick Science Building 318
Telephone:  (320) 308-4858

Maria Womack




Maria Womack, Ph.D. (on leave of absence from 1/31/12 to 1/31/13)

Professor of Physics
B.S. 1985, Florida State University; Ph.D. 1991, Arizona State University

Specialty:  Chemical composition of comets, spectroscopy and imaging of comets
Email:  mwomack
Office:  Wick Science Building 309
Telephone:  (320) 308-4171


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David Williams




David Williams

Adjunt Professor of Physics
B.S. 1970, University of Minnesota; M.S. 1984, University of North Dakota

Specialty:  Astronomy and Physics Education, Variable Star Research
Email: dlwilliams
Office:  Wick Science Building 339
Telephone:  (320) 308-4161



Ann Hudson

Ann Hudson

Office Manager

Email: achudson
Office:  Wick Science Building 324
Telephone:  (320) 308-2011


Steven Zinsli

Steven Zinsli

College Laboratory Services Specialist, sets up the physics laboratory equipment

Email:  szinsli
Office:  Wick Science Building 304
Telephone:  (320) 308-3242



Faculty & Staff Retirees

Charles A. Eckroth

Professor Charles Eckroth

Years of Service at SCSU: 1969-1998

Wendell M. Pou

Professor Wendell Pou

Years of Service at SCSU: 1966-1999

David Jerde

Professor David Jerde

Years of Service at SCSU: 1969-1999

Richard Schoenberger

Professor Richard Schoenberger

Years of Service at SCSU: 1986-2002

Arnold Lesikar

Professor Arnold Lesikar

Years of Service at SCSU: 1966-2004

Donald R. Trummel

Professor Donald Trummel

Years of Service at SCSU: 1960-1997

Mike GarrityProfessor Mike Garrity

Years of Service at SCSU: 1968-2008

Jim SimonsonJim Simonson

College Laboratory Services Specialist, Planetarium technical support
Years of Service at SCSU: 1972-2011

Linette SimonsonLinette Simonson

Office Manager
Years of Service at SCSU: 1993-2012

Bill DaltonProfessor Bill Dalton

Years of Service at SCSU: 1983-2013

No photos available:

Professor Phil Youngner

Years of Service at SCSU: 1949-1982

Professor Ben Moore

Years of Service at SCSU: 1960-1982

Professor Alexander McWilliams

Years of Service at SCSU: 1962-1992

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