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"What do you do with a Physics degree?" The question is answered in many ways -    

chris_reyersonChris Reyerson, Systems Engineer with Arete Associates

Chris Reyerson graduated with a physics degree spring 1996. Two years later he received a Masters degree in optics from the University Dayton.  He is currently a systems engineer with Arete Associates in Tucson, Arizona.  As systems engineer he is working on a prototype, high altitude aerial surveillance system for the Office of Naval Research.

Chris wrote further about his job description.  “My functions include system design, modeling and analysis. We are preparing a sensor composed of five 11 mega-pixel digital cameras each married to COTS (commercial off the shelf) photographic lenses. The integrated sensor is mounted to a highly stabilized (better than 4 microradians) turret which is incorporated onto a special high altitude experimental aircraft called the Proteus made by Scaled Composites. While in use, the sensor system generates at a rate of 280MB/s which must be dumped to a data recorder for several hours generating in excess of 5 terabytes of data. Arete Associates is responsible for generating the system requirements, overall system integration and system test.”






Name: Dean Kron
Subject(s) Taught: Physical Science/Physics
Voice Mail: (320) 685-4939 Ext. 1227
Link to Homepage:
Education: MS-Chemistry/BS-Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science

Dean Kron received a Chemistry major with a minor in Physics from St. Cloud State University Spring 1999.  He went from there to obtain a Masters degree in chemistry from the University of Minnesota and now teaches Chemisty, Physics, and Physical Science at Rocori High School, Rocori, Minnesota.







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