Philosophy Department Programs

Philosophy is an ongoing conversation about such deep human concerns as how to live and act well, the existence of God, the possibility of knowledge and the nature of reality. We invite you to join this conversation in our classes and in other less formal settings.

The philosophy majors and minors cover topics and philosophers from classical Greece to the present. These programs are designed to develop one's philosophical skills and to familiarize one with the history of philosophy, issues in ethical and value inquiry and topics in metaphysics and epistemology.

Philosophy can serve as an excellent support to majors and minors in other areas, and this is reflected in the variety of major and minor options described below.

Majors and minors must complete all required philosophy courses and those taken as electives in the program with a grade of "C-" or better to qualify for graduation.

The Department of Philosophy offers two major programs and four minor programs:

  • B.A. Philosophy Major (39 Cr)
  • B.A. Interdisciplinary Philosophy Major (36 Cr)
  • B.A. Philosophy Minor (18 Cr)
  • B.A. Interdisciplinary Philosophy Minor (18 Cr)
  • B.A. Ethics Minor (18 Cr)

Students are encouraged to plan courses with our philosophy adviser, Paul Neiman, even before officially declaring a major or minor. Prof. Neiman can be contacted by email at Further program information, including a long-range class schedule, is available at the department office, 365 Centennial Hall.

Program Requirements & Course Descriptions

Information regarding program requirements and course descriptions in the University Catalog

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