Philosophy Essay Contest

The Philosophy Department is pleased to recognize past winners of the Philosophy Essay Contest for their exceptional work. Past winners include:

2015 —
1st: Kjell Fostervold, "Person Essentialism"
2nd: Patrick Mefford, "Against William Lycan's Metaphilosophy"

2014 —
1st: Brandon Erickson, "Critiquing the Modal Argument Against Materialism"
2nd: Kjell Fostervold, "Liberalism and Accommodating Communitarianism"

2013 —
1st: Ethan Peterson, "An Analysis of Williamson's Mr. Magoo Scenario"
2nd: Patrick Mefford, "Grounding Modal Truths"

2012 —
1st: Benjamin Martin, "Presentism and the Question of Common Sense"
2nd: Darryl Sebastian, "A Defense of the Animalism Theory of Persons"

2011 —
1st: Nate Bemis, "Against Theistic Activism"
2nd: Nicole Peck, "Human Persons: Body, Mind and Spirit"

2010 —
1st (tie): Nicole Peck, "Freedom and Semi-Determinism;" Matt Borgert, "The Problems With a Principle of Rectification"

2009 —
1st: David Coss, "Dubious Axioms of Epistemic Logic"

2008 —
1st: Jordan Busse, "What we Owe to Ourselves"
2nd: David Coss, "Pragmatic Rationality Within the Prisoner's Dilemma"
Special topic: Rebekah Goering Mitsein, "Hate on Campus"

2007 —
1st: Jordan Busse, "Harm and Apology"
2nd (tie): David Coss, "A Critique of Nicholas Rescher's Theory of Paradox Resolution;” Rick Ganci "Frankfurt Examples: Responsibility and Alternative Possibilities"

2006 —
1st: David Coss, "Prior and the Liar"
2nd (tie): Jordan Busse, "On the Question of Infinite Divisibility;” Tanya Hall, "The End of Science"

2005 —
1st: Chad Kainz, "How We Distinguish Art from Non-Art. Who Decides"
2nd: Stephanie Burnes, "An Attempted Solution to the Problem of the Apparent Motion of Time"
3rd: Sarah Smith, "Can Aristotle Work Objectivist Magic?"

2004 —
1st: Mary Kay Matzen, "Thomas Kuhn Irrationalist: Does the Label Fit?"
2nd (tie): Laura Holt, "Provisional Thoughts on Epistemology: Room for a Relativist Fear?;” Miranda Dwyer, "Dissecting Dissection: The Harms Involved in Dissection"

2003 —
1st: Sean Dolan, "Donnellan, Kripke and Definite Descriptions"

2002 —
1st (tie): Alyson Huff, "Practical Projectivism;” Scott Bushee, "Objectivity in Science"

2001 —
1st (tie): Michael Flinck, "I Will. Therefore I Believe;” Michael Paggen, "Objectivity and the Evolution of Science"

2000 —
1st: Miranda Dwyer, "The Word of God?"
2nd: Christy Eichenberger, "Despite Augustine, Evil Does Exist"

1999 —
1st: Guy Rice, "Alternate Worlds, Virtual Reality and Demonology"

1998 —
1st: Chad Litterst, "Concealed Computations and Confused Consciousness"

1997 —
1st: Julie Feia, "Unity Within Locke's Complex Ideas"

1996 —
1st: Julie Feia, "Aristotle's Essence"
2nd (tie): Dylan Kiewel, "Critique of Utilitarianism;” Jonathan Krause, "The Movement Within"

1995 —
1st: Michelle Iten
2nd (tie): Jonathan Krause; Darwin Pagnac

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