Analytics & Institutional Research (AIR) at St. Cloud State University


Institutional Reports and Data

Institutional Reports & Data
AIR staff generates reports about the University including admissions, student enrollment, course enrollment, major/program enrollment, awards conferred, and faculty/staff data. These reports are available to the public on the AIR website and also through the SAMS portal to select internal users.

Report Guides

Report Guides
Report guides have been created to clearly define the scope of each report that is generated by AIR. Included in each report guide is a description of the data presented along with information on the location and access, business logic, data sources, update schedule, and change log.

Data Definitions and Glossary

Data definitions have been established to ensure consistency in reporting across campus. These definitions are generally accepted across institutions and have been set forth by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). However, some definitions may be unique to MnSCU and/or St. Cloud State University.

Data Request Form

Data Request Form
Please use this online data request form to request data from AIR. For simple requests, every effort will be made to provide the requested data within one week. However, depending upon the complexity of the data request and the time needed to obtain permission to release the data, it may take longer.


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