Strategic Planning Committee Members

Membership Structure and Terms Defined:

SPC Charge

Membership and Terms


AVP/AP for Strategy, Planning and Effectiveness: Lisa Helmin Foss
Faculty: Kristian Twombly

Appointment by Position

AVP for Financial Management and Budget: Jeff Wagner (interim)
Assoc. Provost for Student Success and Dean of University College: Bruce Busby
Asst. Provost for Undergraduate Recruitment and New Student Transition: Amber Schultz
CARE: Debra Leigh
Chair of Liberal Education Committee: vacant
Administrative Director of Advising: Lois Traut (interim)
Director of Assessment: vacant
Director of CETL: Lalita Subrahmanyan

FA President: Roland Specht-Jarvis
FA Past-President - Steve Hornstein

MnSCU Administrators

Dean, College of Liberal Arts - Mark Springer
Dean, College of Science and Engineering - Dan Gregory
Chief Information Officer - Henry May
Associate Vice President for International Studies - Thy Yang

Faculty Representatives

College of Liberal Arts: Judy Kilborn (2018) and Tracy Ore (2017)
School of the Arts: Kristian Twombly (2018)
School of Education: Kathy Johnson (2016)
Herberger Business School: Alexander Polacco (2016)
School of Public Affairs: Dick Andzenge (2017)
College of Science and Engineering: Kevin Haglin (2017)
School of Computing, Engineering and Environment: Mark Petzold (2015)
School of Health and Human Services: Laura Finch (2016)
Special Services: Jennifer Quinlan (2017)

Bargaining Unit Representatives-

AFSCME: Michele Braun(2015) and Angela Wortham(2017)
MAPE: Bob Lessinger(2017) and David Sikes (2016)
MMA: vacant (2014) and Casey Gordon (2015)
MSUAASF: Michael Penrod (2016) and Adam Klepetar(2015)
Student Life and Development: Jane Olsen (2015) and John Eggers (2015)
Student Representative:
Lindsey Gunnerson and Matthew Gutsch

Years in parenthesis represent renewable term expirations for each volunteer.

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