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St. Cloud State University

St. Cloud State University

2004-2005 Strategic Planning Committee Members


Judith Kilborn, English, FAH, Riverview 107, Ext. 83109,

Chair Elect

Theresia Fisher, Computer Science, COSE, ECC 258, Ext. 84962,

Faculty (IFO)

Edward Addo, Geography, COSS, SH 349, Ext. 84165,
Ben Baliga, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, COSE, ECC-101A, Ext. 83843,
Bonnie Hedin, Learning Resources, Spec. Serv., CH 103, Ext. 84771,
Balsy Kasi , Environmental and Technological Studies, HH-206, Ext. 83132,
Susan Motin, LR&TS, Spec Serv, MC 130C, Ext. 84996,
John Palmer, HPERSS, COE, HAH 310, Ext. 82246,
Neal Voelz, Assessment, MS222,
Brenda Wentworth, FAH, Theatre, Film Studies & Dance, PA-209, Ext. 83221,
Vacant, COB

Administrative Representatives (MSUAASF)

Debra Carlson, Lindgren Child Care Center, ECC-122, Ext. 83296,
Pat Krueger, Admissions, AS 115, Ext. 82244,
Addie Turkowski, Career Services, AS101, Ext. 82151,
Donella Westphal, Sponsored Programs, AS210, Ext. 84932,

Professional Support (MMA)

Phil Thorson, LR & TS, MC 108, Ext.85396,

Professional Support (MAPE)

Sara Grachek, LR & TS/Tech Services, MC 118, Ext. 84805,

American Federation of State, County, Municipal Employees (AFSCME)

David Sikes , University Communications, AS-207, Ext. 83151,



Administrative Support

Lisa Foss, Communications, AS 207, Ext. 84028,
Guihua Li, Special Assistant, Institutional Research, AS-207, Ext. 85502,

MnSCU Administrators

John Burgeson, Dean, Continuing Studies, CCS, Ext. 83081,
David DeGroote, Interim Dean, COSE, Ext. 82192,
Mark Nook, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, MC310A,
Joe Opatz, Associate VP, Planning and Community Outreach, CH205, Ext. 85077,

Ex Officio

Diana Burlison, Assoc. V.P. for Admin. Affairs, AS 205, Ext. 82266,
Frankie Condon, CETL, MC310B, Ext. 81502,
Annette Schoenberger, Faculty Association (president), NOC, Ext. 83979,
Mahmoud Saffari, VP for Enrollment Management, AS-115, Ext. 83899,

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