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St. Cloud State University

St. Cloud State University

Strategic Planning Committee Subcommittee on Academic Distinction

Focus Group Feedback

  • Continuing transformation of curriculum needs to represent more than western perspectives.
  • More diverse perspectives.
  • Need to define who we are.
  • Emphasize services and intellectual climate.
  • Sense of institutional identity is missing.
  • Failure to define academic distinction in a meaningful way. What makes us unique are our upper division and graduate opportunities because lower division courses can be taken at many CC’s and TC’s. Until we have our academic distinction piece defined (define our niche of who we are going to serve) it will be difficulty to match student enrollments to what we offer because we can’t do everything.
  • Liberal Arts appears as a service – just skills and nothing else. What about liberal arts programs? Are we referring to general ed or capstone classes? Liberal arts needs clarifying.
  • Measurement for departments that don’t have accreditations?
  • Advising should be part of the teaching load. Thesis advising. Projects. Include scholarship and in-service activities.
  • Value out of the classroom experiences that enhances student learning.
  • FTE could be a measure, but what about the work that doesn’t appear in this such as advising, setting up a new program, etc. Non-FTE duties. Maintain small class size and increase market share seem to be conflicting goals.
  • Need emphasis of scholarship.
  • Increase student’s in top-ten – how do we do it?
  • How are students treated? Relates to retention.
  • Should try to improve, not just maintain what we’re doing.
  • Goals and objectives should be defined and should be measurable, otherwise meaningless.
  • General education curriculum and CORE need to be looked at to ensure that students are prepared for upper division work.
  • Measure learning efficiency – amount of improvement per amount of learning time (course) with pre and post testing.
  • Infrastructure needs to facilitate intra-college communication, awareness and collaboration – increase joint appointments and support co-authored work.
  • Language is unambitious – needs to be more specific and ambitious. Needs to be general enough not to be prescriptive, but specific enough to hold the institution responsible. Too vague; needs to be more specific. Needs more teeth. Better language needs to be put in.
  • Appears like a wish list.
  • Gaps regarding fiscal capacity and faculty workload.
  • Look at programs in terms of the outcomes in terms of knowledge and skill of student.
  • Need some type of infra-structure for interdisciplinary courses.
  • Tier 2 – goal?