Q. My department secretary or office manager has agreed to help me with purchasing for my grant or contract. How do I authorize this person to access the Purchase Control System (PCS) on my behalf?

A. If the individual has already been established as a user on PCS, you may make your request via email to Jane Torborg with the following information:

  • Your account number/name
  • The individual's name/department, and
  • The level of access you are requesting for the individual-either view and update (status 030) or view, update, and authorize (status 050)

If the individual is new to SCSU (perhaps they have even been hired as a result of the grant), you will need to complete the appropriate Security Authorization Form. For most department secretaries or office managers, you would request setup as a PO Originator with view, update, and authorize (status 050) rights, complete page two of the document, and submit the form to Business Services, Attn: Jane Torborg, in AS 122. If you have questions, Jane can be reached at 308-4120.

Q. How do I find out what the requirements are related to the purchasing of equipment and supplies?

A. The Purchasing Manual from Business Services has been produced to guide you through most of your purchasing needs.

Individual items costing at least $5,000 are categorized equipment purchases (object code 4000). Individual items under $5,000 are considered supply items (object code 3000). Equipment and sensitive items will be recorded by Inventory. If you have any questions regarding inventory, contact extension 8-4789.