Whether hiring undergraduate or graduate students, the process works the same unless the student would be considered a graduate / student assistant (see below). If the student is new on payroll, have him /her complete the Forms I-9 and W-4 and (if an international student) other required forms and submit to payroll.* The office manager enters a work authorization into the payroll system and the student submits a signed time sheet on a biweekly basis. If your grant allows payment to the student for an hourly rate that exceeds the allowable standard rate, complete the Student Employment Pay Rate Request Form and submit to the Financial Aid Office prior to initiating any payment to the student. For further information, refer to the Student Employment Handbook.

Graduate Assistants are degree-seeking graduate students taking teaching, research and service assistantships that shape their graduate education at St. Cloud State University, positions include partial tuition reimbursement, a stipend, and a career-enhancing mentored experience (stipend and tuition remission defined by the School of Graduate Studies).
Office manger or responsible person for the grant account completes three forms to facilitate graduate assistant to receive his/her stipend and tuition remission:

  1. GA Position Description Form
    1. Stipend amount must correspond with School of Graduate Studies defined amounts.
  2. Graduate Assistant Appointment form letter, either annual or semester; and
  3. Employment Request Form
    1. Choose Code 0900 for Type of Appt, and Grants and Contracts
    2. For “Account Number Charged”, enter grant account number
    3. If student is new on payroll, be sure I-9, W4 and, if an international student, other required forms are submitted to payroll
    4. Route for signatures: Director/Chair, Dean, Research and Sponsored Programs

Forms and detailed information for Graduate Assistant Supervisors are available at  Students are paid every two weeks (no timesheets are required).  Questions, please contact Student Payroll at 308-6461.

Whether awarding tuition remission to undergraduate or graduate students (ONLY those graduate students without a Graduate Assistantship), the process works the same.  A scholarship is processed through the Financial Aid Office and then the grant/contract is charged for the accompanying tuition charges.   
Office manager or responsible person for the grant account completes two forms to facilitate payment of tuition for undergraduate and graduate students to process the tuition remission payment:

  1. Financial Aid/Foundation/Department Scholarship Notification Form
    1. Complete student name and tech ID
    2. “Department awarding the scholarship"
    3. “Scholarship Name”, enter Account Number and Account Name (i.e. 628711 - NSF Grants)
    4. “Business Office #”, enter 424242
    5. “Department Account #”, enter grant account number
    6. Complete “total amount”, “academic year”, “disbursement”, “contact Info”, route to responsible person on the account to sign
    7. Keep a copy and send original to Financial Aid Office, AS106
  2. 1400 form to move funds from grant to the scholarship fund
    1. Indicate amount to be paid
    2. Vendor is St. Cloud State University
    3. Indicate on the 1400 form the student awarded the scholarship and reference Research and Sponsored Programs Grants Scholarship account 424242
    4. Use grant account number and object code 7042
    5. Responsible person on account signs the form
    6. Attach a copy of the Financial Aid/Foundation/Department Scholarship Notification Form
    7. Keep copies and route original 1400 and attachments to Business Office, AS-122