Safety Committee Improvement Suggestion Form

This Safety Improvement Suggestion form provides students, staff and faculty an opportunity to submit ideas to improve safety on campus, beyond the scope of legislated requirements. Submitted suggestions will receive a response from the campus safety committee.

Employees who wish to provide a safety suggestion or report an unsafe workplace condition or practice should do so using this form below:

  1. This safety suggestion system allows employees to point out safety issues (anonymously if desired). This proactive approach can catch many issues before they cause accidents. Suggestions and the resulting corrections can be tracked as a leading indicator in a total safety management program.
  2. An effective safety suggestion program not only asks employees to point out hazards, but also stimulates problem-solving thinking by having employees offer solutions.
  3. Employees must know their suggestions are valued. Communication throughout is vital. All employees must understand the procedures and time-lines from suggestion to implementation. Employees whose suggestions arenít used must be given a reason why. The program must be fair, impartial, and non retaliatory.
  4. Upon completion of the form, click the 'Submit Suggestion' button. This will send the form to Joe Teff, Safety Administrator.

* = Required Information

Select the safety hazard type (please check all that apply):

Physical Hazards

Chemical/Biological Hazards

Human Factor Hazards

Other types

Approximate cost (if applicable)

Your name, phone number, and e-mail address are optional. However, providing them will enable our safety and health committee to seek clarification regarding your suggestion and respond to you.

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