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Field Experiences

The following field experiences are supported by our office. Check with us in the Education Building, Office B120, with any questions regarding these experiences.

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Accommodations During Field Experiences

Tk20 Directions (SCSU online assessment system 6-15)




Teacher Development: Elementary Education

  • ED 200: Introduction to Education FACT SHEET
  • ED 315 (Block1): Primary Field Experience FACT SHEET
  • ED 305 (Block 2): Middle Field Experience FACT SHEET

Teacher Development: Secondary Education (5-12 & K-12)

Special Education

  • SPED 200: Introduction to Education FACT SHEET
  • SPED 338: Elementary Field Experience FACT SHEET
  • SPED 339: Secondary Field Experience FACT SHEET
  • SPED 440: Teaching English Learners with Special Needs FACT SHEET
  • SPED 455: K-12 Special Education Field Experience FACT SHEET

Child and Family Studies

  • CFS 200: Introduction to Education FACT SHEET
  • CFS 406: Early Literacy in Inclusionary Settings FACT SHEET
  • CFS 408: Authentic Assessment for Infants and Young Children FACT SHEET
  • CFS 413: Guidance for Young Children FACT SHEET
  • CFS/ED 428: Children's Literature in P-3 FACT SHEET
  • CFS 433: Methods: Young Children with Disabilities FACT SHEET
  • CFS 443: Educational Strategies for Infants/Toddlers FACT SHEET


Languages and Cultures

  • LC 453 Teaching a Foreign Language in the Secondary School FACT SHEET
  • LC 455 Teaching of Modern Foreign Languages in the Elementary School FACT SHEET

Social Studies

  • SST 441: Integrating SST, Theory and Practice FACT SHEET

Communication Arts and Literature

  • CMST 402: Comm Arts & Lit Practicum and Field Experience FACT SHEET


  • Sci 420: Teaching Science in a Social Context FACT SHEET
  • Sci 430: Methods and Materials for Secondary Science FACT SHEET


Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)






Field Experience Data

Field Experience Information




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