Common Questions

  1. Can I make an appointment with Betsy Mahowald?

    To make an appointment with Betsy, please call her directly at (320) 308-2388.

  2. Do you have information on the program you have for teachers of color?

    Yes, it is called the Teachers of Color Scholarship Program, an is a significant scholarship, and you can submit an application, which are accepted on-going. For more information go to that link.

  3. Is the Teachers of Color Scholarship Program only for people of Color?

    No, it is definitely not only for people of color. Anyone can apply for the scholarship. We are looking for people from diverse backgrounds, who have personal or professional experiences in communities of color with a demonstrated interest in being a teacher, school counselor or administrator.

  4. What is the "Consortium" and what schools does it include?

    The Consortium consists of the Office of Cultural Diversity and MN school districts forming the Multicultural Educators Consortium with the goal of recruiting and assisting students from diverse racial and cultural groups to become qualified as teachers and counselors for Minnesota schools.

  5. Do you have a copy of the "Diversity calendar"?

    Yes, we generally do have copies of the Multicultural Student Services Academic Diversity Calendar to give out when requested. We also have additional copies of other calendars, and diversity newspapers. Call 320-308-2388 to request a copy.

  6. Do you have a picture of...?

    Yes, probably. The former Director, Les Green is an avid picture taker and always has a camera with him. He has taken and organized many good photos of students, faculty, and special events. If you need a photo for something, he might have one and could send it electronically. Call (320)-308-2388.