"Minnesota Multicultural Educators Consortium"

School district administrators and University faculty comprise The Minnesota Multicultural Educators Consortium which jointly recruits students interested in the field of education for the Teachers of Color Project and awards scholarships. A grant from the State of MN provides resources for recruitment of qualified students, scholarships, and the opportunity to prepare licensed teachers of color for Minnesota schools. The goal of the Minnesota Multicultural Educators Consortium is to assist students from diverse backgrounds and cultural groups to become qualified as teachers for Minnesota schools in the areas of Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education, school counseling, or administration. The mission of The Consortium is to increase diversity within the teachers in Minnesota to a level that makes people of color an integral part of the educational system.

Activity on Boards and Committees

Betsy Mahowald serves on the following
2000-present: Hands Across the World, current President
2004-present: Women's Fund Grants Committee