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Baccalaureate Program

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a 68 credit major program that prepares caring professional clinicians for practice in contemporary health care settings.

RN Baccalaureate Completion Program

Also termed “RN to BSN” program, this is a program for individuals who are licensed registered nurses and wish to earn a baccalaureate degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students apply to the program? How many students are admitted?

Historically we have anywhere from 125-160 applicants for the Program.  Of these applicants, 40 students are selected to enroll in the program.

Is a Criminal Background check required prior to acceptance into the nursing program.

Yes, Minnesota Statutes requires a successful Human Service Background study prior to admission. Statute 245C.14 outlines "...individuals will be disqualified from any positions allowing direct contact with persons receiving services from the license holder or entity identified in this section upon receipt of information showing, or when a background study completed under this chapter shows any of the following: A conviction of or an admission to one or more crimes listed in 245C.15, regardless of whether the conviction or admission is a felony, gross misdemeanor, or misdemeanor level crime." Students who have a concern as to their Human Services Background Study are encouraged to secure legal counsel, at their expense, early in their academic career. Early preparation will allow each student to pursue an alternative degree to their career path if nursing is not appropriate. St. Cloud State University cannot and will not provide any counsel or advisement services relative to this issue.

What GPA do I need in order to be admitted?

The minimum GPA requirement is 2.75, which applies to both cumulative and prerequisite GPA. Because the admissions process is highly competitive, the GPA of the admitted class of students tends to be higher than 2.75. The overall average GPA for students admitted into the program is a 3.71 +/- .13. The GPA range of students admitted into t he program is between 2.99-4.0.

Can I still apply to the program if I don't have all of the preadmission courses completed?

In order to be qualified to be admitted to the nursing program, students must have all preadmission courses either completed or in progress at the time they apply. That means that students must be registered for all the final preadmission courses they need at the time of application, and that all preadmission coursework is scheduled to be completed by the program's start date.

How can I get courses such as Anatomy & Physiology and Chemistry if I can't enroll at SCSU?

The Nursing department will accept equivalent courses transferred from other institutions, provided that SCSU has determined the courses are equivalent. Students can find more information about course equivalencies by checking the MNCAS (MN Course Applicability System) equivalency tables at, or by checking with the Student Services Coordinator in the Nursing department. In order for students to be admitted in a timely fashion, they are encouraged to take courses at any site that fits their needs.

Can I take STAT 193 instead of MATH 193? Can I take other MATH courses to fulfill this requirement?

Yes, any of the equivalent SCSU courses that fulfill the CORE 3 general education requirement are acceptable to fulfill the Nursing program Math requirement. This includes: MATH 111, 112, 115, 196, 211, 221, and STAT 193.

Do you have a waiting list?

No, we do not keep a waiting list for admission to the major. We have a competitive admissions process, and we start fresh each year - we do not carry over names or rank orders from one year to the next.

When is the application deadline?

Traditional Program:

The application deadline is June 1st of each year for the program starting the following Spring Semester and January 5 for the program starting the following Fall Semester. A new class is admitted every semester.

Accelerated Program:(Not currently offered effective 12/1/11)

The application deadline is February 1st for the program starting the following fall semester. A new class is admitted every other year.

What are the preadmission course requirements for the Traditional Baccalaureate program if I have a previous degree?

Students with a previous degree (AA, BA, BS, BES) have most of the traditional program's preadmission courses waived. Students will need only to complete the following preadmission coursework:

AA Degree: Biology 202, 204, 206, Chemistry 141, and Psychology 240

BA/BS/BES Degree: Biology 202, 204, 206, Chemistry 141, and Psychology 240

Do I need to have my CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certification to apply to the program?

No, we do not require that our applicants have their CNA licensure, nor do we require that our applicants have any work experience in the field.

Do I need to have my CPR certification to apply to the program?

No, we do not require that our applicants have their CPR certification. After students are admitted into the program, we require that they have American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers CPR certification.

How long is the program?

Traditional Program:

The nursing major program is a 5 semester (2 ½ year) program. However, students must complete at least 3-5 semesters of nursing prerequisites and university general education coursework before applying to the nursing program. So overall it will take students 4-5 years to complete the nursing program.

Accelerated Program: (Not currently offered effective 12/1/11)

The accelerated program is a 16 month course of study. However, students must complete seven prerequisite courses before beginning the program. So overall it will take students 16 months plus 1-2 years to complete the accelerated program (depending on prerequisite course offerings, previous course completion, etc.)

What degree do students earn?

Graduates receive a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree with a major in Nursing.

What licensure examination will I be qualified to take after graduation?

Graduates are eligible to apply to take the National Council Licensure Exam – Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN).

Is there an accelerated program?

Currently the Accelerated Program is on hold due to limited resources. Future Cohorts are uncertain at this time. Following is a brief description; It is an intense, 16 month program designed for students who have previous baccalaureate degrees in another field. Upon completion of this program, students will have a BS with a major in nursing and will go on to take the RN licensure exam (NCLEX-RN). As of December 1, 2011, the accelerated program will not start a new cohort in the Fall of 2012. If you need more information, please call 320-308-1749 and make an appointment with Student Services.

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