Nursing Science

Nursing Faculty and Staff

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Emeritus and Retired Faculty


Joyce Simones

Joyce Simones (2003)

Professor of Nursing
B.S. 1976 and M.S. 1992, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Ed.D. 2005, St. Mary's University

Phone: 320.308.5775
Office: Brown Hall 213J


Stacy Bakker (2014)

Assistant Professor of Nursing
B.A. 2001, University of Jamestown; M.A. 2014 Bethel University.

Phone: 320.308.5773
Office: Brown Hall 202B




Jane BagleyJane Bagley (2004)

Assistant Professor of Nursing
B.S. 1993, College of St. Benedict; M.S. 2009 University of Minnesota.

Phone: 320.308.5780
Office: Brown Hall 213H

Patty Bresser

Patricia J. Bresser (1997)

Associate Professor of Nursing
B.S. 1979, University of Connecticut; M.S. 1991, Yale University; Ph.D. 2002, Walden University, Minneapolis

Phone: 320.308.2101
Office: Brown Hall 202J

Elizabeth Clark

Elizabeth Clark (2012)

Assistant Professor of Nursing

B.S.N. 1981, Iowa Wesleyan College; M.S. 1998, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Phone: 320.308.5298
Office: Brown Hall 202D

Laure Crane

Laurie Crane (2011)

Assistant Professor of Nursing

B.S.N 2000, Winona State University; M.S.N. 2013, Walden University

Phone: 320.308.1745
Office: Brown Hall 202H

Peggy Fossen

Peggy Fossen (2010)

Assistant Professor of Nursing

A.S.N. 1984, Willmar Community College; B.S. 1998, St. Cloud State University; M.S.N. 2004, University of Phoenix

Phone: 320.308.5231
Office: Brown Hall 213K

Victoria Hammer

Victoria Hammer (2010)

Assistant Professor of Nursing

B.S. 1970, St. Olaf College; M.S.N. 1972, University of Washington; Ed.D. 2005, University of South Dakota

Phone: 320.308.5776
Office: Brown Hall 306C



Sigrid Hedman-Dennis (2014)

Assistant Professor of Nursing

B.A. 1976,Gustavus Adolphus College; MSN, 1986, Northern Illinois University

Phone: 320.308.4135
Office: Brown Hall 202N


vonna Henry

Vonna Henry (2011)

Assistant Professor of Nursing

B.S. 1973, Winona State University; MPH, 1986, University of MN-Twin Cities

Phone: 320.308.5778
Office: Brown Hall 213G

Susan Herm

Susan Herm (2002)

Associate Professor of Nursing
B.S. 1980, Winona State University; M.S. 1990, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Phone: 320.308.5266
Office: Brown Hall 306C

Marcia SchererMarcia Scherer (2009)

Assistant Professor of Nursing
A.D.N 1980 and B.S. 1982, Lake Superior University; M.S. 2007 Walden University

Phone: 320.308.5256
Office: Brown Hall 202D


Susan Johnson Warner

Susan Johnson Warner (2000)

Professor of Nursing
B.S. 1974, C.N.P. 1977 and M.P.H. 1981, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; Ed.D. 1985, University of South Dakota

Phone: 320.308.1748
Office: Brown Hall 202M

Roxanne Wilson

Roxanne Wilson (2013)

Assistant Professor of Nursing
Nursing Diploma 1976, St. Cloud Hospital; B.A. 1993, Metropolitan State University-St. Paul; M.S. 2002, University of MN-Minneapolis; Ph.D 2012, University of North Dakota-Grand Forks

Phone: 320.308.4136
Office: Brown Hall 202C





Kathy Koepke

Kathy Koepke (2011)

Nursing Science Lab Coordinator
B.S. 1982, College of St. Scholastica-Duluth; M.S 1996, St. Cloud State University

Phone: 320.308.5781
Office: Brown Hall 202E

Steve C. OlsonSteve C. Olson (2008)

Student Services Coordinator
A.A. 1981, Fergus Falls Community College; B.A. 1985, North Dakota State University; M.S. 2009, Winona State University

Phone: 320.308.4064
Office: Brown Hall 213D

Sue Burnett-PickSue Burnett-Pick (2008)

Office Manager

Phone: 320.308.5268
Office: Brown Hall 213F


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