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Jan. 30, 2005

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Annual retirement reception Wednesday, May 4

The annual retirement reception will be held on Wednesday, May 4, in the Atwood Memorial Center Ballroom. The reception will begin at 2:30 with a program to follow at 3 p.m.

Retirees being honored, with their position, department, and years of employment, are the following:

Mary Andreotti, registered nurse, Health Services, 1/77-8/04
Carol Brink, professor, HPERSS, 9/72-12/04
David Christopherson, professor, FIRE, 9/90-5/05
Charles Echols, professor, Music, 9/72-5/05
James Goke, associate professor, Aviation, 9/72-5/05
John Gust, associate director, Financial Aid, 7/69-6/05
Robert Hauptman, professor, LRST, 9/84-5/05
Michael Hayman, assistant to vice president, Student Life/Development, 9/72-9/04
Charlotte Hirdler, account clerk, Business Office, 12/76-2/05
Susan Jensen-Cekalla, director of grant development, Sponsored Programs, 9/69-6/05
LeRoy Kasper, system analysis unit sup, Center for Information Systems, 11/63-10/04
David Krueger, professor, BCIS, 9/69-12/04
Karen LeBrun, OAS, senior, MBA Programs, 1/78-6/05
Gloria Lenzen, OAS, senior, Economics, 9/88-7/04
David Lesar, professor, CEEP, 9/67-5/05
Kathleen Lewandowski, account clerk senior, Business Office, 9/63-4/05
Kenneth Maddux, executive director, Anderson Ent. Center, 1/93-6/05
Madonna Mattocks, assistant director, Human Resources, 9/66-3/05
Laurinda Porter, professor, Communication Studies, 12/84-12/04
Alice Schneider, GMW, Buildings/Grounds, 9/89-1/05
Beverly Stadum, professor, Social Work, 9/87-5/05
Doris Torborg, OAS, intermediate, Health Services, 11/80-4/05
Jay Vora, professor, Management, 9/78-5/05
Homer Williamson, professor, Political Science, 9/73-5/05

Marge Proell

People to Know

Dr. Anthony Schwaller

Photo of Anthony Schwaller

Position: Professor and Department Chair of Environmental and Technological Studies

Family: Anthony grew up in Sheboygan, Wis., with a brother, Gregory, and his parents. His brother now lives in Three Rivers, Calif., and his parents recently returned to the Midwest after living in Florida. Anthony married his wife Renee in 1968. She is a registered sanitarian for the public health department in Little Falls, Minn. Anthony and Renee have two sons, Joshua and Matthew, and two grandchildren, Alex and Kate. Anthony and Renee now live in the Brainerd lakes area.

Education and experience: Anthony attended the University of Wisconsin-Stout where he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in industrial education. He attended Indiana State University to earn his Ph.D. Anthony worked for General Motors in Detroit, Mich., as a specialist on diesel engines before becoming Assistant Professor in Power Technology at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Ill., for eight years. He teaches transportation/energy and technology education courses at SCSU, where he is in his 27th year.

Recent recognition: This month he received the "Academy of Fellows Award," the highest honor bestowed by the International Technology Education Association (ITEA). It is bestowed to a professor who has gained prominence in and brought honor to the technology education field. Anthony received the surprise honor at the 2005 ITEA Conference held in Kansas City, Mo., April 2-5. He had been nominated by someone in the profession and received eight letters of recommendation from leaders in the discipline.

Something special about your department: Anthony helped the department receive a $45,000 donation from Polaris Industries at the end of last summer, when Polaris donated six Twin V 1200 CC engines to the department. He is currently teaching a course where students take the engines apart and then rebuild them. He said that the donation has provided students with a wonderful opportunity to learn about the internal design, which is helpful in understanding how engines operate. In class he asks students to question why each part was designed the way it is.

What would you do if you won the lottery: “I would not tell anyone, I would buy a house in Palm Desert, Calif., and give the rest away.” Anthony said he would give the money to schools to improve or start technology programs.

How do you spend your Sunday afternoons: Anthony enjoys working in the yard, garden, and his workshop where he works on furniture and automotive projects. Every five years he rewrites the textbook, “Total Automotive Technology,” now in its fourth edition, and has written 10 other textbooks.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: After retiring after spring semester 2006, he would like to start his own e-commerce business called The site would provide step-by-step information (a clearinghouse) about the building of a street rod, technological and educational information, and a swap system for information and parts.

Susannah Zitur

Lisa Heinrich

Lisa Heinrich

Position: Associate professor of Mass Communications

Family/educational background: Lisa grew up in Houston, Texas, with her parents and brother Karl, who now is an advertising executive in California. She moved to Nashville, Tenn., to attend Vanderbilt University, where she received her B. A., M.A., and Ph. D in Russian. Following graduation, she worked for the Tennessee State Department of Audit as editor and training officer, where she developed a national training program and national newsletter. She was recruited by the state of Minnesota to work for the Minnesota State Auditor’s Office, and then was communications director for the former Department of Jobs and Training for five years. Lisa, who had dreamed of becoming a teacher since she was in graduate school, joined SCSU in 1993. In 1999, she received a second master’s degree in English literature from the University of Minnesota.

What is your favorite course to teach and why? She enjoys teaching Advertising Copyrighting (Comm 405) because it allows students to improve on their writing skills and be creative. She is also looking forward to teaching Public Relation Cases and Campaigns (Comm 438).

What is your favorite meal? “I really love southern cooking, especially barbeque, steak and biscuits.” She recommends Dixie’s Restaurant on Grand in St. Paul because the food there tastes the most like southern cooking.

What movie do you wish everyone would see and why? Lisa recommends “American Beauty,” because it illustrates the fallacies of American society.

Interesting travels: “I have traveled to Russia twice-on my second trip I visited Moscow for three weeks and stayed with some local residents.” Through that opportunity she learned the importance of understanding and the difficulty of learning about another culture. She also included in her second trip a three-day cruise on the Volga River.

Outside interest: Lisa recently returned from a sabbatical during which she became accredited in public relations, wrote travel articles for Sunday’s St. Paul Pioneer Press travel section, and wrote additional articles about the history of St. Paul for St. Paul’s Avenues newspaper, St. Paul’s arts and entertainment monthly. She also developed a course in public relations for non-profit managers.

What are you most proud of? “My friends, including the Alnwick group because it’s a privilege to know such great people.”

Favorite quote: “I’ll worry about that tomorrow, tomorrow’s another day.”
- Scarlett O’Hara (Gone with the Wind)

Amenah Bediako

Faculty/Staff Notes

Renee Rude

Renee Rude, reference librarian in Learning Resources and Technology Services, has had a book review published in the 2003 Multicultural Review. She reviewed "Resilience: Learning from People with Disabilities and the Turning Points in Their Lives."

Marge Proell

Janine Dahms-Walker

Janine Dahms-Walker, Educational Leadership and Community Psychology, has been named to serve on the licensure review board for the University of Minnesota – Duluth. She is on the Board of Administrative Licensure approval committee reviewing UMD's initial licensure approval process for superintendent, principal and director of special education.

Marge Proell

Ghulam Sarwar

Ghulam Sarwar, Finance, Insurance and Real Estate, had his paper, “Dynamic Relations Between Price Volatility and Option Trading Volume in Equity Index Options Markets,” accepted for publication in Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting (RQFA). The paper is scheduled to appear in the February 2005 issue of RQFA.

Marge Proell

Pranava K. Jha

Pranava K. Jha, Computer Science, co-wrote a paper published during January: Jha, S. Klavžar and A. Vesel, L(2,1)-labeling of direct product of paths and cycles, Discrete Appl. Math., vol. 145, no. 2, pp. 317 –325. The co-authors work at the University of Maribor in Slovenia. A listing of Pranava's publications can be found at

Marge Proell

Danrun Huang

Dr. Danrun Huang, associate professor of mathematics, recently had the following papers published:

“Fibonacci Identities, Matrices and Graphs” was published in Mathematics Teachers, an official journal of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, February 2005, Volume 98, Issue 6, 400-403;

“Electrical Resistance of Ballistic-electron Transport Through a Finite Disordered Fibonacci Chain,” with Danhong Huang, U.S. Air Force Research Lab, was published in Physical Review B of American Physical Society 70, 205124, November 2004.

Marge Proell

Dave Schultz

Dave Schultz has been honored with the prestigious Association Training Officers of Minnesota (ATOM) Hall of Fame Award. The annual award recognizes one outstanding police trainer who has made significant contributions toward law enforcement professionalism. Dave has trained more than 22,000 police officers in his more than 30 years at the Minnesota Highway Safety and Research Center.

Marge Proell

Steve Frank

Dr. Steve Frank worked with Dr. Michelle K. Hammes and Dr. Steven Wagner, fellow faculty directors of the SCSU Survey, to conduct the annual fall SCSU Survey of Minnesota adults. They also recently finished a statewide survey of citizen satisfaction with those who have contacted the Minnesota Department of Energy.

Steve served as a judge for the Frank Premack Public Affairs Journalism Contest conducted by the Minnesota Journalism Center, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Minnesota, the weekend of March 5. The judges made awards in four categories: metropolitan daily, greater Minnesota daily, weekly or community newspaper and opinion writing (all papers in one group). There were about 14 judges from a variety of backgrounds.

Marge Proell

Dr. Joan Blaska

Dr. Joan K. Blaska, chair of the SCSU Department of Child & Family Studies, has been invited to participate in the week-long celebration when Dr. Evelyn C. Lynch, former professor and coordinator of early childhood education at Moorhead State University, is inaugurated as president of Saint Joseph College in West Hartford, Conn. Dr. Blaska will give the lecture, “Learning about Disabilities Through Children’s Literature,” on Thursday, April 28, at Saint Joseph College.

Dr. Blaska's research areas include emergent literacy and literacy rich environments, diverse children's literature and understanding the emotional impact of parenting a child with disabilities. Her book, "Using Children's Literature to Learn about Disabilities and Illness," is based on more than 10 years of research in the area of children's literature that includes characters with a disability or illness. Dr. Blaska has worked extensively with early childhood programs on curriculum issues and with families who have children with disabilities.

Dr. Lynch collaborated with Dr. Blaska on many early childhood education initiatives when she lived and worked in Minnesota.

Marge Proell


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