Success Stories

Success Stories

Tiffany Reiter '97
Intellectual property attorney

Tiffany Reiter uses three degrees to power a rising legal career

Tiffany Reiter powers a rising legal career with three degrees, including an SCSU bachelor's degree in biotechnology.

A St. Cloud State bachelor's degree in biotechnology proved to be quite a launch pad for Tiffany Reiter '97.

From St. Cloud she went on to graduate study at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester; Harvard School of Public Health, Cambridge; Mass.; and Suffolk University, Boston.

Today, Reiter powers a rising legal career with a doctorate in molecular biology, post-doctoral study in neuroscience, molecular biology and biochemistry, and a law degree.

She is an attorney with Fish & Richardson, a global patent, intellectual property litigation and commercial litigation law firm. Founded in 1878, Fish & Richardson has represented clients such as inventors Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and Orville and Wilbur Wright.

Based in Boston, she does prosecution and opinion work in the areas of molecular biology, biochemistry and biochemical pathways, genetics, cellular biology, virology, recombinant protein manufacturing, nucleic acid vectors and therapeutics, array technology, immunology, recombinant antibody screening and engineering, molecular medicine, screening and diagnostic assays and kits, biomarkers, transgenic plants and animals, cell lines, nanoparticle technology, surgical procedures, vaccines and neuroscience.



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