Success Stories

Success Stories

Hao Nguyen '05
Attorney's career built on risks and education

Hao Nguyen '05, assistant attorney for the City of St. Cloud

Hao Nguyen '05, assistant attorney for the City of St. Cloud.

Hao Nguyen '05 has a public service career in part because his mother and St. Cloud State took risks.

His mother risked her life guiding her family out of Vietnam, protecting them for two years in a refugee camp, and then bringing them to St. Cloud in 1987.

St. Cloud State gambled on an earnest young man with a checkered high school record.

In both cases, risks were rewarded.

His mother saved Nguyen from the chaos that followed Vietnam's successful war for independence.

Nguyen became a stellar student at St. Cloud State, using his bachelor's degree in mass communications, with a minor in criminal justice studies, to build a career in law enforcement.

He worked as a police officer and sheriff’s deputy, then went on to earn a law degree at Hamline University in St. Paul.

Today he is an assistant city prosecutor for the City of St. Cloud.

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