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Success Stories

Dennis Guster
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Dennis Guster, information systems professor

Dennis Guster, information systems professor.

It’s the stuff they make movies about – computer hackers, national security, encryption and encoding.

Dennis Guster, information systems professor, researches topics such as molecular modeling and quantum encryption. He works with colleagues in a Centennial Hall computer lab that has “couple million dollars in high-end computer equipment” largely funded by industry partners, he said.

“These are complex real-world problems,” said Guster, who works in tandem with Renat Sultanov, a nuclear physicist with high-performance computing expertise.

“We’ve cranked out a lot of research papers in the last five years,” Guster said as he referenced some of that work. One, done by a St. Cloud State student who is now a graduate student at the University of Southern California, was presented at the American Chemical Society. And Sultanov, thanks to a National Security Agency grant, was able to present a paper in Switzerland where he rubbed elbows with researchers from Harvard and MIT.

“Within our little niche we are able to compete worldwide. Some of our papers have been cited by the top people in their fields in Germany,” Guster said.

“We need outside funding to be viable,” Guster said. “We are doing stuff in nano technology where we can compete, but doing experiments in laboratories would cost tens of millions of dollars. But on a computational level we can compete.”

The Information Systems Department offers an undergraduate degree program to students who want to prepare for careers in the management information systems profession. The IS program is about applying information technology to solve business problems. Students develop skills in analyzing business problems and get hands-on training in computer programming, systems design, computer networking, security as well as other current computer technology.

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