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Success Stories

Sven Sundgaard '03
Weather guy

Photo of a Sven Sundgaard St. Cloud PROUD billboard

St. Cloud PROUD billboard featuring Sven Sundgaard '03 .

Sven Sundgaard '03 holds the American Meteorological Society's seal of approval Magazine cover featuring Sven Sundgaard '03 Photo of a Sven Sundgaard St. Cloud PROUD billboard 

Sven Sundgaard ’03 is a television meteorologist for KARE 11, an NBC affiliate in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Previously, he was chief meteorologist at KBJR-TV in Duluth-Superior. He earned a bachelor's degree in meterology from the University's Department of Atmospheric and Hydrologic Sciences.

At St. Cloud State, Sundgaard did research in thermodynamics, modeling maximum temperatures from weather balloon and forecast data. His research earned him awards from the University and the Minnesota Academy of Sciences.

Outside work, Sungaard is a powerhouse fundraiser for several causes, including HIV/AIDs awareness. He is the Twin Cities face of Dining Out for Life, the national campaign to fund AIDs service organizations.

In 2006, Sundgaard returned to campus to speak at St. Cloud State’s first Northern Plains Winter Storm Conference. He joined Pete Boulay '96, assistant state climatologist, in presenting on the Halloween Blizzard of 1991.

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