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Delegation returns from Alnwick with ambitions

Saturday, December 26, 2009


A delegation representing St. Cloud State University and the City of St. Cloud traveled to England to explore the Alnwick Gardens to evaluate their impact on the economic, social and cultural development in the community of Northumberland, England.

The nine-person delegation included St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis '89, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Devinder Malhotra, Dean Diana Lawson of the G.R. Herberger College of Business, and Professor of Sociology and St. Cloud State Community Garden coordinator Tracy E. Ore, who kept the University informed on the delegation’s endeavors through a blog.

The purpose behind this trip was to provide insight on two topics: a commitment to global education and an interest in community involvement. While in Alnwick, the site of St. Cloud State’s study abroad program housed in the Duke of Northumberland’s Alnwick Castle, the delegation discovered a number of aspects of the garden that made the location ideal for engaging community involvement, including educational programs and social services.

The delegation returned to St. Cloud with lessons that can be used in the St. Cloud community with the goal of building stronger collaborative connections. Ore expressed her enthusiasm for translating what they learned on the trip into a St. Cloud setting: “We are excited to see how we can apply these lessons to further growing and engaging the social and physical assets of the St. Cloud area.”

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