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Brewer estate gift will impact future educators

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Wil Brewer dedicated his life to furthering the education of others. With a donation through his estate, he ensured that his life’s ambition will continue in his absence. When Brewer passed away in July, he left St. Cloud State a $45,000 bequest through his will as a final contribution to the scholarship he and his wife, Borghild, initially established in 1985.

Brewer spent 13 years as a professor of secondary education at St. Cloud State and the previous 20 years serving public schools as a teacher, principal and superintendent. Borghild also dedicated her life to education and taught in St. Cloud State’s College of Education.

Through their scholarship, Wil and Borghild have already financially assisted dozens of students majoring in education and helped to make their journey to graduation more attainable. This latest contribution will help countless other students pursue their careers as educators and shows that one life has the power to impact many that follow.

If you are interested in supporting St. Cloud State through a bequest in your will, please contact Director of Planned Giving Chad Marolf at (320) 308-6138 or by e-mail at

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