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$50,000 gift jump starts lab

Friday, June 26, 2009


A donation from the Morgan Family Foundation, Yellow Springs, Ohio, has given a $50,000 kick start to the drive to sustain a science lab that will hit the road this fall. The mobile science lab ‒ designed to educate the next generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians ‒ will be on campus this summer to train teachers who will then work with K-12 students when the lab visits schools throughout Central Minnesota.

The mobile lab is intended to enhance the science curriculum of schools that don’t have the equipment, infrastructure or staff to provide such training or keep up with curriculum changes.

The fully-equipped 53-foot trailer was donated by Medtronic, Minneapolis, but retrofitting the trailer and sustaining the project will be funded by private donations. For more information on the fundraising effort, which has a goal of $200,000, contact Bob Beumer, 320-308-3716.

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