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Fries driving Metro Bus

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Husky Fried Ride

Husky Fried Ride


A St. Cloud Metro Bus vehicle powered by recycled deep fryer vegetable oil – the Husky Fried Ride – will be unveiled during Earth Day festivities on Friday, April 18.

The 40-foot bus is powered by a mix of 80 percent recycled vegetable oil and 20 percent diesel fuel, the latter necessary to keep the fuel fluid in cold weather. Sodexo will provide approximately 200 gallons of vegetable oil a week, oil that comes from deep fryers on campus and would otherwise be hauled away.

Metro Bus believes they’re the first system in the country to use waste vegetable oil to power a public transit bus.

The environmentally-friendly vehicle will run on Husky Shuttle routes and Campus Clipper routes to student housing areas in St. Cloud.

Backseat drivers for the initiative include Sodexo, St. Cloud State Student Government and Rheaume’s House of Lettering, all of whom donated cash or services.

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