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Student radio creates innovative series

Thursday, November 1, 2007

KVSC 88.1 FM has premiered an original production chronicling the experience of Holocaust survivor Henry Oertelt.  The uncommon production of 12 weekly podcasts, at, uses new media to deliver Oertelt’s story in a way that fits into the lifestyles of today’s college, high school and junior high students.

“An Unbroken Chain: My Journey Through the Nazi Holocaust,” recounts Oertelt’s journey of survival from a teenage Jew in Berlin during the rise of Hitler and the Nazis through his incarceration by the Gestapo in five concentration camps and eventual rescue by U.S. soldiers liberating Europe in April of 1945. 

Among the educators who will use the historic production as a teaching tool is Professor Barry Schreiber, who is treating the series as a no-cost “bonus book” for extra credit in his introductory criminal justice course.  He also is encouraging research to compare the effectiveness of students reading the Oertelt book, “An Unbroken Chain,” versus listening to the same book on podcast.

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