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Job prospects look good

Monday, October 1, 2007

The university’s fourth annual job outlook survey – the only one of its kind in Minnesota – has given graduates in the job market reason for optimism.  The August survey by SCSU Career Services tapped the employers who are most active in college recruiting in Minnesota.  With 174 employers participating in the survey, it is by far the largest study specifically assessing the Minnesota job market for new college graduates.

The findings were promising:  49 percent of respondents said they plan to increase hiring of new college graduates while only 3 percent plan to cut back, making this the best forecast in the survey’s four years.

An interesting finding is that 57 percent of employers have at least one college degree-required position for which they will accept any major, which means a considerable number of employment opportunities exist for liberal arts graduates.

When employers were asked which qualifications and attributes they look for in potential employees, they reported that they give priority to honesty/integrity, followed by communication skills and work ethic.

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