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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Students from more than 80 of the world's 193 recognized nations are attending St. Cloud State this semester.

Top countries sending students to St. Cloud State are Nepal (196), China (165), Saudi Arabia (123) and India (90). Asians are 62 percent of the fall international student enrollment.

View the Center for International Studies chart (PDF).

Of the 1,085 international students enrolled fall semester, 737 are pursuing undergraduate degrees, 218 are graduate students and 130 are non-degree students.

Minnesota’s 12,000 foreign students and their families contributed a net of $302.5 million to the state economy during the 2010-11 year, according to a National Association of Foreign Student Educators report (PDF).

St. Cloud State's total enrollment was 17,231 on the 30th day of the semester, according to a Minnesota State Colleges and Universities report (PDF). 

Among students traveling the farthest to attend St. Cloud State are three undergraduates from Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is a landlocked nation in Central Asia populated by Turkic peoples. A part of the Russian and Soviet empires for generations, it gained independence in 1991. Uzbekistan's economy is based largely on commodities such as cotton, gold, uranium, potassium and natural gas.

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