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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

St. Cloud State today refreshed the top pages on its website.

The new look is the vanguard of a top-tier site redesign expected in 2012.

“The website is our primary vehicle for connecting with prospective students,” said Loren Boone, assistant vice president for marketing and communications. “So, we are always looking to keep it current, keep it competitive.”

The changes are aesthetic and functional. The pages are wider and make greater use of the university’s cardinal red and black colors.

The front-page teases visitors with images and headlines using an automated slide show. The events calendar has been moved to the front page.

“The new front-page is more focused,” said Boone. “We’re delivering fewer stories, but the method for delivering those stories is more compelling. The result will be more and deeper engagement.”

Navigation on the refreshed pages is unchanged.

The top tier redesign will involve input from students, staff and faculty, according to Boone.

A redesigned website is one element of the Education for Life branding campaign being developed in cooperation with Earthbound Media Group, Irvine, Calif.

In turn, the branding campaign is part of a campus reorganization that is focusing the university on active and applied learning, community engagement, sustainability and global and cultural understanding.

Academic programs have been expanded, eliminated, downsized, and reorganized to create a more effective and efficient university.

In the wake of declining state funding, employee positions have been eliminated to help address budget deficits.

In coming months, marketing and communication efforts – online and print – will reflect the university’s new branding strategies, according to Boone.

During the academic year the front page earns more than 1.1 million page views a month.

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