Spring 2003

Outlook - Spring 2003

Taking our show on the road...

University News

Professor's story told through intricate family tapestry

Weaving Minnesota's Rich Tapestry

SCSU fills ‘er up with ethanol

Winter Institute attracts Federal Reserve board member to campus

U-Pass ... Come on and take a FREE RIDE

Redesigned web site keeps community informed

Save the stamp: Tuition bills now online

Community members scramble to take the Husky Challenge

Otto Bremer grant helps immigrants, refugees succeed

Students, faculty find interesting ways to spend spring break

Alnwick, SCSU’s British home, named best place to live

SCSU student entrepreneur wins local, regional awards

SCSU commits to mission, vision statements

Local legislator secures much-needed funding for SCSU nursing program

2002 Hall of Fame

Eleven of the 15 Pohlkamp siblings made SCSU their second home

Feature Story

SCSU Alumnus helps facilitate SCSU MBA program

Advice offered by SCSU Professor Abbas Mehdi

G.R. Herberger College of Business launches first Maple Grove MBA Cohort

Strong Family Ties

The Lewis and Clark Trail, revisted

Hasslen earns prestigious Carnegie Minnesota Professor of the Year Award

Alumni Award Winners

Dr. Ruth K. Meyer ’73 ’81 [2002 Distinguished Alumni Award]

Deeann J. Griebel ’76 [Alumni Service Award]

Cynthia M. Seelhammer ’80 [College of Fine Arts & Humanities Leadership Award]

O. Donald Billing ’73 [College of Business Leadership Award]

Dale A. Wahlstrom ’78 [College of Science & Engineering Leadership Award]

Wilbur (Will) Herrington ’50 [College of Education Leadership Award]

Ronald A. Hochstrasser ’88 [College of Education Leadership Award]

Alumni News

Memorial scholarship creates lasting legacy for professor

Colorado Huskies Highlight

‘64 baseball team comes home

Coming together and sharing the pride

Undefeated 1961 SCSU hockey team honored

New leader focuses on helping new students


We Remember...


Super CPAs


Business, Promotions, Graduations

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