HEED award recognizes diversity and inclusion

Monday, December 31, 2012

St. Cloud State University is recognized for its commitment to diversity and inclusion in the December issue of Insight Into Diversity magazine.

St. Cloud State is honored along with 47 other Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) award recipients for its ongoing efforts to include all aspects of diversity such as gender, race, ethnicity, veterans, people with disabilities and members of the LGBT community. Other Minnesota schools recognized are the University of Minnesota and the William Mitchell College of Law.

“St. Cloud State understands the importance of having a diverse and inclusive student body and workforce, and is diligently working to accomplish their goals. We applaud their hard work and wish them much success,” said Lenore Pearlstein, publisher of Insight Into Diversity.

The University’s focus on providing a welcoming environment for all its students, faculty and staff is reflected in its mission, vision and learning commitments and in efforts to cultivate pride in the University as a catalyst for social change, growth and opportunity for all its students to succeed.

“Embracing diversity is a key to both personal and professional growth at St. Cloud State,” said President Earl H. Potter III . “The HEED award is a reminder that diversity and inclusion need to remain priorities as we prepare students to enter the workforce and a global society.”

This is the first year Insight Into Diversity, the oldest and largest higher education diversity-focused publication, is presenting the HEED awards.

“We looked for schools that had a broad diversity plan,” Pearlstein said, in the December issue feature story. “We didn’t just look at the statistics schools submitted; in some cases we considered the improvement in the numbers over previous years. We wanted to ensure that diversity and inclusion are a part of the campus DNA of each award winner.”

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