University recognitions

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

University honored for positive partnerships

Xcel Energy recognized St. Cloud State in June with a 2012 Efficiency Partner Award, an honor given to Minnesota businesses and trade partners who participate in efficiency programs to lower energy costs and reduce their impact on the environment.

Due to conservation efforts, St. Cloud State ranked third among the top five award recipients for natural gas efficiency this past year. The university had a savings of 117,741 therms.

“Many of these conservation projects are often invisible to those not directly involved,” said Karen Rhodes, Xcel Energy efficiency marketing manager. “These awards are a way to congratulate these businesses so that employees and customers realize what’s happening behind the scenes.”

Collectively, the 210 businesses recognized saved more than 111 million kilowatt-hours of electricity and nearly 1.5 million therms of natural gas — enough energy to power more than 9,600 homes.

Senior to Sophomore program accredited

St. Cloud State’s Senior to Sophomore Program was awarded National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships accreditation this spring. The program offers high school students the opportunity to enroll in college courses taught at their schools and to receive college and high school credits concurrently.

The Senior to Sophomore Program, a partnership between St. Cloud State and 30 participating high schools, began in 1996 and has delivered rigorous university courses to eligible high school students who have registered for 4,531 St. Cloud State courses at their schools.

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