Savoring life at Cricket Meadow

Friday, March 30, 2012

Julianne Johnson ’79, never planned to become a restaurant owner. But it is obvious by looking at her life path that it was always meant to be.

As the owner of Cricket Meadow Tea in Litchfield, Johnson serves up fabulous food along with a sense of timelessness. The shop offers hand-crafted food right down to the bread, and accentuates with fresh, seasonal, organic and local ingredients.

“Walking into Cricket Meadow Tea is like stepping into Grandma’s kitchen right down to the smell of warm-fromthe- oven cookies,” Johnson said.

Johnson chuckles as she recalls that her impetus to open the tea shop came from the collection of more than 100 teapots and china cups she had amassed over the years. She admits that having the dishes was not a good reason to open a tea shop, but it is easy to recognize the dishes were just an indication that Cricket Meadow was destined from the beginning.

Since graduating from St. Cloud State with a degree in mass communications, Johnson has been a homemaker by trade, and has always had a knack for finding creative outlets to make home a happy place to be. Over the years Johnson has perfected recipes, gardened, grown her own herbs, canned, and yes, written. Through her weekly column in the Litchfield Independent Review, “From the Kitchen at Cricket Meadow,” with a blogspot by the same name, and as a field editor at Taste of Home Magazine, Johnson shares her expertise and lifestyle with the world.

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