After-school program for elementary students in personal finance economics

Friday, March 30, 2012

James Seay cuts out paper as part of an after-school program that St. Cloud State helped developed in partnership with ING Direct of St. Cloud and the Boy Scouts of America Central Minnesota Council. Photograph by Neil Andersen 96.

The Center for Economic Education is training volunteers piloting a new after-school program in personal finance and economics for children.

Internet bank ING Direct and the National Council for Economic Education chose the center to help volunteers from Boys Scouts of America and ING deliver 14 lessons this semester at after-school clubs. Lessons include learning how to save, budget and use banks. Lessons also discuss jobs, careers and entrepreneurship. Activity-based lessons can require students to play games and even create their own mini-economies.

As learning incentives, students earn “econo-bucks” that can be redeemed for candy and knick knacks.

Ken Rebeck, associate professor of economics, and others conducted training sessions in November and December. Implementation began Jan. 9.

Rebeck is the interim director of the Center for Economic Education, St. Cloud State’s engine for improving economic literacy in Central Minnesota.

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