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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stearns House (1869)

Stearns House (1869)

Stearns House (1869) Centennial Hall (1971), exterior Moving from Old Main Building  (1874) to Stewart Hall (1950); Dec. 3, 1948 St. Cloud State Campus, 1962 Cars parked on a street near campus, 1960-69 

Exhibit chronicles growth of St. Cloud State campus

A Changing View of SCSU, an exhibit created by St. Cloud State graduate student Marissa Bialek, is now up and available for viewing at University Archives and online at lrts.stcloudstate.edu/library/special/archives/documents/ChangingViewofSCSU.pdf

Created as a student project last academic year, the exhibit offers insight into how the campus was transformed from a single purpose teacher’s training school into a full-fledged university during a short yet dynamic period of time. The project narrates the rapid physical expansion of the campus that occurred throughout the 1950s and 1960s, and explores the various consequences that these changes held for the school and the surrounding community.

The exhibit incorporates research conducted at University Archives and the Miller Center to tell the story of the changing view of St. Cloud State.

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