St Cloud State part of Minnesota digital library

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

St. Cloud State University Archives also provides access to the story of the University through its collection in Minnesota Reflections (reflections.mndigital.org), the online database of the Minnesota Digital Library.

Included in this growing, statewide collection are:

  • Nearly 700 photographs which include a St. Cloud peace rally in 1972, portraits of St. Cloud State’s presidents, old and new buildings, the neighborhood that became the campus and student life over the decades.
  • Minutes of the first Board of Normal Schools (reflections.mndigital.org/u?/stc,4084) which, among other founding events, established the first normal school in Winona (page 1, Aug.16 , 1859), the second in Mankato and the third normal school in St. Cloud (page 57, Jan. 23, 1858).
  • Coming soon will be an additional volume of State Normal School Board minutes which will describe the operations of the normal schools into the middle of the 20th century.

In a special collection, University Archives and the Minnesota Digital Library made available letters written by noted Minnesota author Sinclair Lewis to his long-time love Marcella Powers. These 200+ letters, written from the early to the mid-1940s, capture not only his love of this young woman, but tell of his travels, writing and teaching for that six-year period. All have been transcribed and are fully searchable.

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