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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rochelle Arellano

Rochelle Arellano ’08 ’11 has melded an outstanding academic career with marriage and motherhood. This July she’ll travel to Mount Vernon, Va., to study American history with leading scholars.

Rochelle Arellano Jessica Miller Alex Ames 

This summer three students will travel far from campus to acquire advanced knowledge. Their unique learning experiences will set the stage for promising careers. About 25 percent of St. Cloud State students participate in internship programs, which prove valuable when it comes time to find a job. In a recent survey, networking and internships were said to be the two biggest factors in obtaining a job.

Elite learner
Rochelle Arellano '08 '11

A study trip to George Washington's home is a nifty graduation present for Rochelle Arellano.

Learning from leading American historians will be the experience of a lifetime.

But make no mistake: Arellano earned her spot at the George Washington Summer Residential Teachers' Institute at Mount Vernon through hard work and hustle.

The Zimmerman resident is one of 93 people to earn a seat at the prestigious institute, which is managed each summer by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, a private, non-profit organization founded in 1853.

"This is a huge deal for her and says a lot about her talents," said Kyle Ward '98, the University's director of social studies education. "This highly selective program not only picked a St. Cloud State student to be a part of their institute, but St. Cloud State is the only university from which they will take pre-service student applications. That says a great deal about their view of what our students are able to do."

Arellano is the second student in the 12-year history of the institute, which traditionally serves working teachers, according to Nancy Hayward, acting vice president of education for George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens.

Arellano completed a 16-week student teaching experience at Princeton High School May 2 and then graduated May 8 with a bachelor's degree in social studies. She is presently job hunting.

In July, the 28-yearold wife and mother of two will live and learn seven days at Mount Vernon, which is across the Potomac River and downstream from the nation's capital.

Among the scholars scheduled to present July 17-22 are Ira Berlin, Cokie Roberts and Harold Holzer. Berlin is a prize-winning University of Maryland professor who wrote a 2010 book about the four migrations that shaped African American life. Roberts, a broadcast journalist and author, wrote a 2004 book that discusses contributions of the wives, daughters, sisters and mothers of the Founding Fathers. Holzer is one of the leading scholars of Abraham Lincoln and has authored, co-authored and edited 40 books.

Arellano believes her application leapt off the pile because of her extensive participation in workshops, training sessions and conferences, including the August 2010 Minnesota Council on Economic Education's Conference on Teaching Economics and Personal Finance.

Her resume also includes testimonials from students, including this gem from a youngster at Sartell Middle School: "You're really confident and know how to run the show. You're really laid back and are easy to talk to, so now you're my favorite student teacher out of all of them."

The fruits of Arellano's study trip will include creating a lesson plan for the mountvernon.org website and leading a workshop for students in Teaching Social Studies in Middle and Secondary School, a 400-level class taught by Ward.

"My big thing is to accomplish the institute's goal of making history come alive, making our Founding Fathers real," Arellano said.

Up, up and away
Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller, Hutchinson, is looking forward to an internship of a lifetime this summer when she will travel to France to participate in a five-week program in the shadows of the Pyrenees.

Miller, a junior majoring in aviation management, was one of two students chosen for the prestigious Experimental Aircraft Association/ DAHER-SOCATA International Scholarships. All travel, lodging and work experience is included as well as a side trip to the Airbus facility at Toulouse and to the Paris Air Show.

The internship ends stateside with a week at the EAA Air Academy in Oshkosh, Wis., where she will assist with EAA AirVenture 2011, the nation's largest civilian air show.

An avid flier and supporter of aviation programs since age 15, Miller holds single-engine and multi-engine certifications. She is studying to be a flight instructor.

"Even though I have achieved quite a lot for a young person, I am just beginning my goals in aviation," Miller said. "I am so excited to complete my Certified Flight Instructor rating because my goal is to teach others to fly. My dream job is to fly corporate jets, while donating my time to help youth gain interest in aviation and earn pilot licenses. After all, youth are the future of aviation."

Maritime museum internship
Alex Ames '07

St. Cloud State grad student Alex Ames '07, is spending this summer interning at Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea. Mystic Seaport is the fourth largest history museum in the country and is located in Mystic, Conn., on the banks of the Mystic River on Long Island Sound.

Mystic and the surrounding area of New London was one of the centers of the ship building and whaling industries in America in the 18th and 19th centuries. Mystic Seaport is a museum and recreated historic village devoted to exploring America's relationship with the sea: from the maritime economy to maritime culture. The institution owns a large fleet of maritime vessels, the most famous of which is the Charles W. Morgan, America's last surviving wooden whale ship which was built in 1841.

Ames, Pine City, is one of six interns from across the country who will spend the summer, from mid June to the end of August, learning about public history and museum work while becoming exposed to the rich history of the Mystic area.

The internship consists of:

  • Leading tours of the Mystic Seaport exhibits
  • Working on projects
  • Taking a course in museum studies/public history issues
  • Taking field trips to other New England public history sites

Ames will live on the Mystic Seaport campus. For more information visit http://www.mysticseaport.org.

Ames is involved in history projects with the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Linden Hill Historic Event Center, Little Falls, and the Stearns History Center, St. Cloud.

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