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Sunday, July 10, 2011

FlipToast for Facebook

When W3i, a leading distribution and monetization network for software application developers, needed to kick start marketing its latest product, FlipToast, it didn't turn to an agency in Minneapolis. The company known for its innovative thinking reached out to St. Cloud State.

FlipToast is an application that serves up the Facebook experience allowing users to do other things on their computer without having to be on their Facebook page.

"We knew we needed to understand the demographic that made Facebook huge, college students. With St. Cloud State's tradition of outstanding marketing, public relations and business programs it was a no-brainer that we reach out to the University," says Shivani Khanna, manager of software development at W3i and FlipToast creator.

W3i partnered with the American Marketing Association (AMA) chapter to brainstorm ways to increase awareness among students. AMA collaborated with W3i to gather feedback.

"Working with W3i gave our members valuable, handson experience to sharpen their marketing skills and provide professional development," says Chad Erickson, president of St. Cloud State AMA.

W3i, which has close ties to St. Cloud State, collaborates frequently with the University. W3i founders Ryan Weber '03 and Robert Weber '08 are St. Cloud State alumni and W3i actively recruits on campus.

"W3i is lucky to have three major universities in our community. It enables us to regularly collaborate with students and faculty," says Melissa Kron, manager of human resources. "Opportunities like this provide students hands on learning while bringing fresh ideas, perspectives and energy into our office."

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