A new way to plan your travels

Monday, May 9, 2011

Lisa Meyers McClintick '90 is helping travelers with a new way of planning their getaways. A travel app on Minnesota's resort communities launched on iTunes in February. Minnesota Lake Vacations rolls together a guidebook, maps, photo album and the advice of a budget counselor and concierge into one package.

Created by McClintick, a St. Cloud travel writer and photographer, the app's first edition includes 120 resorts, restaurants and easy-to-miss destinations along with close to 800 photos.

"You can spool through 120 entries with the flick of a finger, see photo albums for each one, get maps, links to websites and phone numbers and a lot of inside information you wouldn't get in a print travel guide," McClintick said.

"Some of the best places, too, are small businesses that can't afford a lot of advertising. They rely on journalists and regular travelers to get the word out. That can be an ongoing effort with these apps, because they're easy to expand and update, and anyone using them can easily chime in their opinions on what's good to eat, whether they like a certain resort, if they found a great hiking trail. It's not a print guide that simply goes out of date. It's an ongoing conversation."

Meyers McClintick, who graduated with degrees in mass communications and German, has photographed and written about Minnesota destinations for the past 12 years. She also writes a travel blog www.10000Likes.com.

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